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Forever crying. Yunho, Changmin. You’ve gone through a lot. Yet so many JYJ stans refuse to hear your story. Keep fighting on! Some people need to open their eyes. Please read from this site for some articles that have become unavailable to international fans due to some biased fans. Because of this, their story has gone and only claims of JYJ’s suffering have been heard. 

Please take your time to read through the posts, to understand what was the true intention of the lawsuit. Then understand why some people still support homin. Don’t give them anymore shit. Just don’t. Because you’re disgusting. I can’t stand it anymore. 

Though I support JYJ, I don’t fully support what they have done. Stop blaming homin. What have they gone through? Yunho, does he still smile the same way? Changmin, how much growing up must he have gone through? Yet they keep smiling because they still can perform for their fans.  

Telling TV2XQ to change the name of their fanbase. Does this make you right in any way? Can you still call yourself a Cassie for only supporting JYJ?


I’m sorry, I’m rambling mindless crap and haters are gonna hate.I just want them to understand the other side. Don’t call yourself ot5 if you only follow three of them. Pick up their album, listen to their music. It’s beautiful. beautiful.

I’m just super emotional right now. Somewhat depressed, and reading about how these two strive through to their comeback always makes me somewhat lighter.

So why am I ranting about JYJ some certain JYJ stans and fansites?

Because I know I was one of those JYJ stans, who after the breakup, only followed JYJ. I know how you guys feel. But what I heard were only rumours, I refused to listen to what homin had to say. I blocked out their music. Up until last night. I watched the Before U Go mv. 




It was too beautiful. My Changmin baby. Yunho. I could see emotions, so much in the video. all 16 minutes and one second of it. My eyes were glued to the screen.

Oh god, I cried. And opened up my eyes. and remembered who they were and how much I missed them. So I started reading up, replaying their KYHD and Tone albums. I did some research and found out so much about what actually happened. I was blind to all this because all this time, I had only been following biased bullshit filled JYJ fansites.(they tend to leave out very important details)

So it was like a change of heart I guess..?

I can relate to all of you guys who are just about to bash me for what I have just ranted about. take your time, read through the links and decide for yourself if the rumours and biased information is what you should only believe in.

(pointless rant, I just had to get it out of my system)

So thank you, the new TVXQ for keeping our dreams alive. Thank you.

They are why we can always keep the faith.

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    Even though I had only found them 6 months ago, I was devastated to find out through youtube comments, that they were...
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